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Cycle of Influence is a New Thought Leadership Summit for the Cycling Industry

Published January 9, 2020

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The inaugural Cycle of Influence Summit [COi] intends to challenge the bicycle business to think beyond the status quo. As John Wooden famously said, "It's what you learn after you know it all that counts". The new two-day thought leadership event will premiere October 14-15, 2020 in Bentonville AR.

What is it: The Cycle of Influence Summit creates a convergence of ideas from all aspects of business–marketing, economics, environment–and from trends that directly or indirectly impact the cycling industry, both now and in the near future. COi presents an agenda of speakers and panels with both endemic and non-endemic experts and influencers in their fields. The presentations target proven ideas, meaningful experiences, and best practices that can be applied directly toward creating a stronger cycling industry for suppliers, retailers, and related businesses.

What it isn't: COi is not a tradeshow or consumer event [races, festivals, demos]. Other "cycling industry events" are still largely retail, product or consumer-oriented, with conferencing or networking tacked on as an afterthought, if at all.

Although Interbike was primarily a trade show, it was also highly regarded as a forum for networking, deal-making and creating new connections. COi intends to provide a comparable level of networking opportunity joined with a platform that will inform, stimulate and expand how the cycling industry thinks and talks about itself and its changing role in the outdoor, transportation and sporting segments.

Who Should Attend COi: Bicycle and related industry executives, dealers, action sports and outdoor brand managers, decision-makers and influencers; business owners, presidents, marketing directors, product planners, product developers, supporting staff, and the future leaders of the cycling industry eager to push boundaries.

COi was conceived several years ago, but following the demise of the Interbike show and the rise in awareness of Bentonville's trail building and cycling growth, the timing now seems right to bring COi to life in 2020. In September 2019, a survey was conducted amongst industry insiders to gauge interest for this event with an overwhelmingly positive response.
The Summit takes place in the heart of downtown Bentonville, Arkansas at the event venue Record, a renovated mid-century car dealership that still retains style attributes from the period. The venue is located just blocks away from bike shops and Bentonville's renowned trails and bike paths network.

The Cycle of Influence is conceived and produced by Sergio Bravo, a cycling industry veteran and marketing professional with 30 years of experience developing brand strategies and communications. His company Smith Smith & Smith, aka S3, [] has vast client experience both inside and outside the cycling world. Client history includes Marzocchi, Magura USA, Promax, Diamondback, Hyundai, Kawasaki, Yamaha Water Vehicles, Surfing Magazine, and MIC-Motorcycle Industry Council, among others. This broad and versatile experience brings an understanding of ideas, from outside sources, that can be applied to the cycling industry.

"The COi creates an important, timely, relevant gathering that offers fresh perspectives to the issues facing the cycling industry today. I'm also very excited to have the support of Bentonville and sharing what is quickly becoming a cycling tourism mecca", said Bravo.

Topic highlights for the Summit include, "Reaching New Riders [Panel]", "Understanding the Trends", "What Does the Dealer Really Want?" [Panel with longtime industry consultant and Bicycle Retailer featured columnist Rick Vosper], "The Online Advertising Bubble is Here", and "How do We Capitalize on the Surge in Consumer eBike Interest Together".

There will be time for short rides during the event, and rides will take place the day after the COi, on Friday 16.

Registration will open on January 21, 2020.
Visit the COi website to sign up for news and updates:
Registration fees are to be highly competitive with other events.

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