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Greyp E-Bikes Hires SIMBOL Communications as PR Agency of Record

Published February 27, 2020

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Greyp E-Bikes Hires SIMBOL Communications as PR Agency of Record

Popular European e-mtb brand to launch US operations in April; taps industry insiders to build buzz, push sales in NorAm

San Pedro, California (February 24, 2020) — Croatian upstart tech brand Greyp (pr: grape) is set to launch its award-winning electric mountain bikes in the US this April 1. Fresh off garnering top e-mtb honors at Eurobike, they'll officially launch at the Sea Otter Bicycle Classic in Monterey, California, and they've brought in the long-time bike-industry insiders at SIMBOL Communications as their PR agency of record to help build brand recognition and cachet across North America. They'll be working closely with US Managing Director Allyson Vought, another longtime industry veteran with over 30 years' experience.

The brainchild of Mate Rimac, the Croatian founder of Rimac Automobili – the brand behind two of the fastest cars ever to burn up a track, which also happen to be fully electric – Greyp's uniquely innovative e-bikes are the direct result of Rimac's experience engineering the highest levels of automotive, digital and battery technology.

On the surface, Greyp's bikes are highly trail capable, with top-end mtb spec like150mm of RockShox travel, a full-carbon frame, SRAM EX components, and Crank Brothers wheels adorning the flagship Greyp 6.3. And the impressive builds are backed by cutting-edge e-drive technology: 36V, 700Wh batteries power the 250W or 460W motors, which yields an estimated 60 miles of power-assist under normal use.

These bikes truly combine a Trail bike heart with an e-supercar soul. But it's the brains below the surface that really set Greyp bikes apart. A host of high-tech connectivity and data offerings – from front and rear built-in video cameras to full 4G and Bluetooth connectivity –provide serious Silicon-Valley street cred.

Here are some of the key tech features:

  • Built-in 4G eSIM card powered by T-Mobile means bikes are always connected to the internet
  • Front/rear hi-def video cameras for hands-free imaging of every ride
  • Built-in GPS, accelerometer, and barometer
  • Heart Rate-controlled power-assist mode, with included HR wrist strap
  • On-board USB port
  • Mobile mount for in-app control of all on-board tech on the fly
  • Remote camera operation/viewing for theft deterrence
  • Huge range of in-ride and post-ride data

"My partner and I have seen more than our fair share of amazing technology over the past few decades we've been in this industry, and recently much of that has been on the e-bike side, but Greyp just brings e-bikes to a whole new level, beyond what we could have imagined," says Scott Boulbol, co-founder of SIMBOL. "And it's not just tech for the sake of tech – these innovations are highly useful and beneficial for a wide range of riders. We're stoked to share these amazing machines with the North American market."

While Greyp is new to this market, launching its first e-mtbs only a year ago, they're confident their experience with adjacent technology will be more than sufficient to ensure success.

"Unlike traditional bike manufacturers that are basically combining push-bikes with electrical components, we have developed the bike around an electrical drivetrain, a bunch of sensors and advanced connectivity. We believe this bike is the turning point for our company – if I can put my modesty aside for a moment – will stir up the industry at least a little bit," says Rimac.

Greyp bikes may not do 0-60mph in 1.86 seconds, like the Rimac C-Two supercar, but many of the same engineers who built it designed the bikes as well, borrowing much of the car's technology as well. Consumers in North America can now experience the result for themselves – Greyp's full-suspension 6 series, consisting of the 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3, are now available for pre-order in the US, with delivery expected in April. The hardtail 5 series is expected to follow in July.

For any North American inquires contact Allyson Vought 310.567.2345 or via email

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