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A COVID-19 message from Orbea

Published April 29, 2020

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To all our retail partners and to all IBDs forging ahead in uncertain times -

First, we’d like to extend a warm greeting from the Orbea family. Few of us had a plan for what we are currently experiencing. This virus has put everyone on the back foot, watching and waiting for things to happen. That’s natural and it’s okay - we’re all doing what we can to stay safe, be considerate and do our part. Several months in now, it may be late for crafting a short term plan. But the good news is we’re going to recover and if we can look ahead and anticipate what might happen with our businesses in 2-4 months, we can minimize the long term damage and mitigate the current feelings of helplessness.


On March 30, the Spanish government declared the shutdown of all non-essential activities, as set out in Royal Decree-Law 11/2020, which forced us to suspend activity in our European production plants. During this time we maintained minimum services to assist our partners as much as regulations allowed; our Customer Service and After-Sales Service, as well as other Orbea departments continue to telecommute.

Following this closure, on April 14 we resumed production and shipping while complying with all health and hygiene measures established by the relevant authorities. For our Cooperative, preventing the propagation of this virus is crucial. We have implemented several internal guidelines for the reopening to ensure worker safety – Laser thermometer check points, the
use of face masks, adjusting work stations in order to maintain two meters between workers, and regular cleaning of shared equipment are highlights that ensure we are ready to get back to providing the service, product availability and delivery dates you expect.

We would also like to salute all those who are working intensively to end this virus, including all health care, transportation and food service workers. Thank you to all those who are being responsible and staying home. We’re that much closer to heading back to the roads, mountains and city streets!Orbea's bike factory.


Our business model is different from our competitors. We put orders in the queue as they are placed and forecast a small overhead of stock inventory, which means we are not currently in danger of running out of product. And as a European company, we are seeing a reduction in demand in some of the closed EU markets, which means we have the ability to divert more product to the US for a limited time. We can fill the floor space many of our competitors can’t.

Of course we will follow any updates to official regulations asking us to change our manufacturing practices, since safety is our top priority. But until that time, we have bikes available and we anticipate that will be the case in the weeks and months to come.

Give us a call at (501) 280-9700 if you want to talk about any of these issues, we’re here to help. The current situation is alarming, but not bleak. And if we work together to do some mid-term planning, it could end up being a speed bump rather than a brick wall.


  • Orbea sells bikes only through our best-in-class retailers.

  • Orbea bikes ship free from Spain via 3-Day DHL express. We have product ready to ship in all categories.

  • Orbea’s industry-leading personalization offering lets riders create the bikes of their dreams at no extra charge.

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