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Zeitbike Now Exclusively Distributes Mondraker

Published June 8, 2020

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VENTURA, Calif. — Zeitbike is now distributing the full range of Mondraker Racing Machines (MTBs).

Mondraker was born 20 years ago in southeastern Spain, as a result of the MTB racers who needed better bikes with faster speeds. Mondraker's earliest technologically driven innovations gave riders advantages in their races, leading to more stable downhill rides and jumps. Since then, Mondraker has been a leading-edge brand, developing, designing, and eventually manufacturing their own bikes.

The most important innovation of these racers was the development of Mondraker's "Forward Geometry", a first- and best-in-class frame geometry that brings stability and speed to every ride and rider. Forward Geometry along a few other innovations such as "Zero" suspension system, and "Stealth" manufacturing system, turned out to be some of the most important MTB innovations in the last decade and has since been attempted to be copied by many other brands worldwide.

In addition, Mondraker was among the first brands to develop and release a dedicated electric MTB (e-MTB) line. Not only are their e-MTBs considered to be the most innovative in the industry, but they also offer the lightest e-MTBs in the industry (with full battery capacity).

Today, Mondraker is regarded by top riders as one of the best MTBs out there. A cool fact is that the Pro Riders use the exact MTBs in their most challenging international races that are available for the public and shops for resale. Teams include two Elite UCI Teams XC and DH who were triple podium winners.

"We are extremely proud to partner with Mondraker. Mondraker represents the some of the same values as Zeitbike, in that we are both very innovative, forward thinking, and providing our customers the highest quality products," says Fritz Bohl, founder of Zeitbike. "As the national distributor for Mondraker, we are now working on establishing an appropriate sales representation for this exciting brand with selected dealers for e-MTB and muscle racing machines."

Zeitbike, based in Ventura, Calif., will carry select 2021 Mondraker inventory, and will offer order windows for all 2021 models beginning in July 2020. In addition, Zeitbike offers over 40 brands and over 4,000 products, many of them complementing the Mondraker shop profile.

Please contact Fritz and David at, or call 805-850-3400 for more information on how to become a dealer, sales rep with demo-ability, or team racer.

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