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With addition of new European dealers, Cirrus Cycles' Kinekt products now sold in 18 countries

Published June 15, 2020

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Bellingham, Wash. June 16, 2020 - Cirrus Cycles, the maker of the Kinekt suspension post and Kinekt stem, is pleased to announce the addition of several international distributors, making their products available to customers world-wide.

"We're just a small company based in Bellingham, Washington, but the international interest in our products has really grown this past year. With a proven product steadily gaining popularity and a new product launched this spring, we recently added distributors in Italy, the UK, the Czech Republic and more to bring our international partner count up to 18," said Evan Wert, Global Sales and Marketing Director.

Patented in 2014, Cirrus Cycles' unique active suspension technology in either the Kinekt seatpost or the all-new Kinekt stem delivers a smoother, more comfortable ride through isolating the rider from the bouncy surface below.

Unlike any other products on the market, KINEKT seatposts provide near 100 percent friction-free vertical travel, a reduction in high frequency vibrations, and easily adjustable tuning to suit every rider's individual needs. This makes the seatpost a very user-friendly upgrade to road bikes, e-bikes, gravel and cyclocross bikes and even tandems.

Building on the success of their Kinekt Suspension seatpost, Cirrus Cycles, Inc. launched a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year in support of their first Active Suspension Stem. The stem makes use of the same patented parallelogram design to offer 15-20mm of active suspension for a smoother, more comfortable and more controllable ride. The funding campaign reached its goal in a mere five days, and products will be delivered this month.

"During a time of a global crisis, it's been uplifting to see so many people turn to bikes as their outlet and form of transportation. Our products make riding more comfortable regardless of the type of cyclist you are or the terrain you ride on," said Wert. "The global demand for our product is reaffirming to us that our product not only works, it's the chosen product of cyclists worldwide despite the recent increase in suspension products on the market."

In addition to North America, Kinekt products are now available in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, the UK, Australia, and Japan.

To learn more about the Kinekt suspension products, and to find a retailer near you, please visit

About Cirrus Cycles

The BodyFloat/KINEKT Seatpost was born out of necessity by co-founder Paul Barkley after serving in the Peace Corps on the rough roads of Uganda. While bicycle evolution was clearly not the mission of his return trip to Africa, he found it essential to improve his endurance in the saddle while traveling extended distances on two wheels. As an excellent bike mechanic, former frame designer, fabricator and bike shop owner, he invented the first version of the Isolation Seatpost. This design became the basis of the current KINEKT Seatpost; a technically advanced isolation system that dramatically improves the comfort and performance of any bike and any rider. Cirrus Cycles Inc was formed to bring the seatpost to market and a patent for the product was issued to the company in 2014.

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