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Formidable Media Announces Launch of Shark Tooth Cycling, Empowering People Affected by Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

Published July 28, 2020

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Shark Tooth Cycling is a new non-profit empowering youth, athletes at all levels, and people of all ages and abilities to get out and ride bikes

BOULDER, COLO.  (For Immediate Release) - The full-service global creative and public relations agency Formidable Media is announcing the launch of a brand new not-for-profit organization designed to empower, facilitate and celebrate life outdoors, with the bicycle as their guiding vehicle and inspiration.
Shark Tooth Cycling is poised to lead in the Novel Economy and raise awareness for one of the most debilitating and misunderstood nervous disorders in the world, Marie Charcot Tooth disease, from which the organization takes its name. Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease (CMT) is a hereditary motor and sensory disease of the peripheral nervous system, characterized by progressive loss of muscle tissue and touch sensation across various parts of the body. CMT is a hereditary disease that affects one in 2,500 individuals in the United States and 2.6 million people worldwide. Celebrities including Anthony Ramos, Julie Newmar, and Paralympic cyclist Anthony Zahn, among many others, have lived extraordinary lives while afflicted with CMT.
Shark Tooth Cycling founder and director Chris "Topher" Delamarter was diagnosed with this condition when he was around 10 years old and his story has inspired many to keep pedaling and keep fighting over the last 40 years. Now, it is his turn to give back through this unique organization.
Topher devoted his life to cycling early on because it gave him the mobility and inspiration to live a normal life. Therefore, Shark Tooth Cycling is here to support everyone, from professional athletes and aspiring amateurs to parents and kids of all ages get outside, ride, raft, ski and enjoy a life well lived outdoors. The Shark Tooth Cycling management team is a collective of lifelong cyclists, passionate about giving back to young people and anyone dealing with issues that affect their ability to play outdoors, including disadvantaged and marginalized communities.
Anyone interested in becoming a part of Shark Tooth Cycling, riding with them in a local or national event, wearing the jersey, sponsorships or making a donation, can visit the website
From Topher’s background as a bike messenger and founding member of “Team Brooklyn,” to collegiate racing and pro-am circuit racing, as well as a passion for skiing and whitewater paddling, this organization is at its core about getting people outside. They believe this is what drives the human spirit and that everyone deserves that opportunity. With the global cycling industry and outdoor recreation at record-highs as more people need and crave time outside and are looking to recreate while staying safe, the time to join this fight is now.
Shark Tooth Cycling is currently working on raising funds and organizing rides and events for 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization is based in Pittsburgh, Penn., and Boulder, Colo.

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