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Look announces new pricing strategy, US distribution partner

Published July 31, 2020

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BRADENTON, FL - LOOK Cycle, an industry leader in pedal design and carbon frame manufacturing, announced a new
pricing strategy in the United States this week to address the emerging “Global Marketplace.” In conjunction with the
new pricing strategy LOOK Cycle has also announced a new distribution partner for the US market. The new pricing
strategy change begins implementation on August 1 st and the distribution change occurs on September 1 st of this year.

The new exclusive US distribution agreement with Quality Bicycle Products (QBP), focuses on pedals and cleats. The US
office for LOOK & Corima will continue to offer sales and support directly to dealers for the full range of LOOK and
Corima products, inclusive of pedals, cleats, bikes, wheels and accessories.

"Our goal is to offer greater access to LOOK pedals and cleats to the entire US market. QBP has the infrastructure and know-how to help us bring LOOK to every dealer in the US," said Mike Gann, COO of LOOK & Corima USA.

The QBP product assortment will include the full range of LOOK pedals. Everything from the class leading KEO Blade
series of road pedals to the GEO Trekking hybrid pedal line, and of course KEO and Delta cleats. Select pedal service
parts will also be available for all current models.

LOOK’s current agreement with Hawley Lambert (USA) will discontinue as of September 1 st this year. All dealers that have established accounts with LOOK and Corima USA and Hawley Lambert (HLC) will have immediate access to LOOK product through QBP if they have a current, approved Authorized Retailer Agreement (ARA) in place. For QBP accounts that have not filled out the ARA forms with either HLC or LOOK USA that will need to be done before ordering. Please contact QBP to fill out the appropriate form.

“We’re pleased to add LOOK pedals and cleats to our comprehensive selection of premium brands and products offered to US retailers” said Tyler Denniston, Distribution Product Manager at QBP.  “LOOK has high-quality products and an unmatched legacy that is very attractive for riders.  With LOOK’s expanded line and commitment to global retail pricing, I’m sure retailers will find amplified value in LOOK products.”

In addition to the distribution partner change, LOOK has adjusted US MAP pricing on several road pedals, as well as the KEO and Delta cleat ranges. The goal of the adjustments is to offer better alignment with global retail pricing as the “Global Marketplace” continues to rapidly evolve. Retailers can contact LOOK USA or consult QBP’s portal for the updated pricing.

Nearly the entire line of road pedals has received US MAP reductions to better align with pricing in other International
markets. The full line of cleats has also been adjusted to limit differences between, primarily EU based market prices
and the previous US MAP prices.

LOOK dealer margin percentage will not be impacted by these changes. This strategy seeks to create a more
sustainable retail marketplace through aligned pricing, and in the process offer authentic LOOK pedals and cleats at
more competitive prices.

For additional inquiries, or to order LOOK pedals and cleats directly, please contact or visit to setup a QBP account and to fill out the LOOK authorized retailer agreement.

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