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Selle Royal sponsors mobility conference in February

Published January 29, 2021

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February 3rd marks the start of the first edition of MobilitARS, a digital symposium on urban mobility in the third millennium.

Imagine the city of the future, one that is both healthier and more livable, designed around the needs of its people: this is the focal point of MobilitARS, a large digital symposium starting February 3rd and bringing together the world's leading experts on urban mobility, environmental protection and urban planning. This digital event is free and open to all, designed especially for those who desire to be called to make a difference: administrators, university students, technicians, professionals and anyone committed to making their cities better places to live.

This same vision of social and environmental responsibility is fully shared by the Selle Royal Group (SRG), a Vicenza-based leading international group in the production of saddles and components for bicycles—company godparent and co-partner of the MobilitARS project as they help to promote cycling culture throughout Italy.

2020 was a turning point for the bike industry, with great growth not only in terms of sales, but also from a cultural and social point of view. Many people have come to understand the value of using two wheels as an alternative for mobility as well as an opportunity to improve personal well-being. It's this dynamic that is transforming the habits of individuals and cities and is the source of a large initiative stimulated and supported by SRG – of which MobilitARS is an important focus – aimed at transforming this dynamic into a cultural movement and expanding daily good practices with a concrete impact on people's lives and localities. For SRG, this is not about marketing, but social responsibility.

After several symbolic events organized this summer by the company – the first promoting cycle- tourism in Vo' Euganeo (PD) and the second focused on cultural change for the public with "new
mobility" in Milan – the Selle Royal Group continues their corporate commitment to "promote initiatives to support local administrations and develop training courses and other cultural activities that support and encourage employees and others to utilize bikes", according to Monica Savio, project leader at SRG. At the heart of the company's vision and involvement in these initiatives is the concept of the bicycle as a tool to enhance and improve the quality of life of individuals as well as the opportunity for local municipalities to create greater economic value and opportunities for work.

The event will be streamed online, and participation will be free and open. To register, for more information or to learn about the program, please visit

About us

Selle Royal started in 1956 as a small workshop for bicycle saddles, founded in Vicenza, Italy by Riccardo Bigolin. Today, this company has become one of the most admired Groups in cycling, with brands for each market segment and end-user, from urban/city/comfort to MTB, road and touring. With sites in Italy, UK, California, Taiwan, Brazil and China, the Selle Royal Group is currently engaged in the development, production and marketing of bicycle saddles and accessories, hard goods such as seat-posts, handlebars and wheels, as well as cycling clothing and soft goods including bags and cycling shoes under the brands Selle Royal, fi'zi:k, Brooks England, Crankbrothers and Pedaled, each an iconic reference point to diverse cycling communities.

MobilitARS will begin on February 3rd. Luca Mercalli (Italian Meteorological Society), Francesca Racioppi (World Health Organization), Father Joshua Kureethedam (Sector of "Ecology & Creation", Dicastery for Integral Human Development of the Holy See), Sergio Costa (Ministry of the Environment) and numerous representatives from the world of culture, coming from the Politecnico di Milano, Bocconi, the University of Siena and the IUAV, as well as many technicians and managers of the Italian municipalities will be some of the voices aiming to outline an interdisciplinary path between economy, sociology, best practices, environmental transition and urban planning, deepening all issues crucial for the quality of life in Italian cities (and beyond).
The event is designed and organized by Bikenomist, a Milanese company specializing in bicycle communication.

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