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Canyon Bicycles USA Announces Partnership With Carmichael Training Systems

Published March 18, 2021

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Canyon Bicycles USA Named as Exclusive Bike Sponsor
CARLSBAD, CA MARCH 16, 2021 – Canyon USA announced today a two-year partnership with Carmichael Training Systems. Celebrating over 20 years in business this year, CTS coaches will exclusively rely on Canyon bikes for use at camps, training sessions, and special events. As they guide athletes to reach their goals, no matter their chosen cycling or triathlon discipline, CTS coaches will ride with the same equipment used to win by the world’s top professionals, from Flanders to Kona to Val di Sole.
“Our mission at Canyon is inspiring riders to ride, and the world-class coaching that Carmichael Training Systems delivers is nothing if not inspiring,” said Blair Clark, Canyon USA President. “They’re not only the destination for elite competitive athletes but also for the huge numbers of cyclists both returning to the sport and those new riders turning into true enthusiasts. I’ve known Chris for two decades and always admired both his coaching and his business acumen.”
“Canyon bicycles are ridden by the best riders on the globe, from World Champions to cyclists who are coming to us to discover just how good they can become,” said CTS Founder and Head Coach Chris Carmichael. “Canyon’s ability to democratize performance through the direct-to-consumer model is perfectly in line with our desire to make world-class coaching available to all riders looking to get more out of their rides.”
Both CTS Athletes and Canyon owners will feel the benefit of this partnership immediately. CTS will be offering all owners of Canyon bicycles a free 30-day trial of the Trainright Membership, which provides access to structured training plans, a TrainingPeaks Premium account, community forums, live streaming Q&A’s with CTS Coaches, and more. CTS-coached athletes will also have access to exclusive offers from Canyon through the CTS Athlete Perks program.

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