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ZEITBIKE Is Distributing Spinergy Wheels In The USA, Including Their New Gx Max And Improved "44" Hub

Published March 24, 2021

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VENTURA (ZEITBIKE) — ZEITBIKE is now distributing bicycle wheels from Spinergy Inc., who is a leading cyclocross brand from the 90s. Over the years, Spinergy has successfully developed into a full range wheel brand. Spinergy's first wheel - Rev X remains a retired classic.

Spinergy Inc. is spearheaded by the original founder Martin Connolly as the president/CEO. The company continues to develop their own in-house patented technology to stay as pioneers in the industry. Spinergy wheels use proprietary PBO strands for stronger, lighter, and faster wheels. PBO also offers vibration dampening benefits for ride handling.

In 2021, the company has moved to "Spinergy 44" - their improved "44" hub with larger axles, larger 44mm ratchet rings, 108 points of engagement, center lock disc mounts, and slip-fit end caps for all thru axles and quick release.

Spinergy offers high performance wheels for all riding conditions – road, off road, gravel, and mountain biking. is offering 29er LX, and 650B LX for mountain biking, GXX, GX, GX32, and new GX Max for Gravel, FCC 47, FCC 32, Z Lite, and Z32 for road. These models are available as front wheel only, rear wheel only, or as wheel sets, with option to customize hub type and spoke colors.

"We're seeing great movement for the revolutionary Spinergy wheels from our dealers and customers, especially with their customization options for hub, and exciting spoke color choices.", says Fritz Bohl, founder of ZEITBIKE. "We are super excited to launch their all new GX Max for 650b and 700c wheels and are looking forward to their new MTB lineup coming soon this year."

ZEITBIKE is an innovative approach to bicycle distribution, curating state of the art bicycle gear from all over the world. ZEITBIKE has exclusive partnerships with some of the best brands in the industry and offers wholesale accounts to dealers in the USA and Canada.

Shipping is free on for orders above $99. Dealers and wholesalers get special dealer pricing upon signing up and approval.

Please contact ZEITBIKE at or (805) 850-3200 for more information.

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