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Champion System USA Moves to Four-Day Work Weeks

Published April 7, 2021

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(Lincoln, Nebraska, April 6, 2021) - Custom apparel company Champion System USA (www. is moving to four-day workweeks for the well-being of their staff and company growth.

In the U.S, the working hours are continually increasing, and working in entirely digital workplaces makes it to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

"We are all incredibly busy, but more work isn't always necessarily a good thing. I remember juggling work while caring for young children, wanting to race or do anything else, and always being exhausted. I care about my employees and what to support them in a healthier lifestyle," Champion System USA Owner and CEO Jay Thomas explains.

Currently, data suggests four-day workweeks facilitate up more productivity and work efficiency, in addition to healthier and happier employees.

Each staff member has a set day off, never on a Monday or Friday, and the schedule ensures key roles don't overlap for a smooth transition for customers.

"By taking better care of ourselves, we'll be able to take better care of our customers, which is always our priority," says Thomas.

Besides retaining and supporting the current staff, the new work schedule is a recruitment tool to show a healthy, happy, and employee-centric workplace culture.

"First, I want to do all I can to retain my team. But also, as a small business, I want to be competitive in recruiting talented employees in the future, and healthy culture and lifestyle are valuable," shares Thomas.

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