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Reddiyo Releases Dynamic Training Platform for Cyclists

Published May 24, 2021

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Denver, COLORADO - Reddiyo announces the release of the Reddiyo training platform, available as a mobile app that provides cyclists with a comprehensive, yet simplified, way of training using custom dynamic training plans that adapt based on rider-provided data. With the belief that athletes shouldn't have to be IT professionals or data scientists to understand their workouts, Reddiyo provides an easier way to train using intelligent software. Reddiyo delivers high-quality training that is simplified to establish and accomplish a clear set of goals without overcomplicating the process, all within their mobile app. The initial release of the Reddiyo training platform is built for cyclists and retails at US$14.99 monthly, with plans to expand offerings to other endurance disciplines in the future.

More than just a static plan, Reddiyo's proprietary algorithms develop workouts based on specific goals, rider ability, personal schedules, and cumulative stress, offering continuous data analysis and adjustments to optimize performance. Reddiyo's goal-oriented platform is excellent for racing, bucket-list events, or general cycling fitness. It also acts as a tool for riders who may not have access or need for a personal coach. On the other hand, the platform can enhance coach-to-rider communication and optimize training when working with a personal coach. Reddiyo is in the process of developing a specific interface for coaches to guide their athletes and is currently accepting inquiries about participating in beta testing.

As data is uploaded, training plans adapt and notify users of any recommended changes based on their progression, missed workouts, and performance metrics to help riders stay on track. For riders who may not want a structured plan or want to switch their week up, Reddiyo provides a catalog of workouts allowing them to choose from a variety of workout profiles. Workouts can also be performed however a user chooses to ride: indoors, outdoors, road, gravel, etc.

"Athletes want a better understanding of how they are progressing and what they need to do to optimize performance. Not everyone wants to spend precious time researching the science and technology to support training at the highest levels. We developed Reddiyo to serve these riders." - Craig Martin, CEO of Reddiyo

Reddiyo co-founders Craig Martin, CEO, and Rona Kilmer, CPO, believe that one plan does not fit all. Athletes' lives aren't static and your plans shouldn't be either. They bring over 40 years of combined software development and endurance training experience. Craig has spent the last 20 years leading and delivering high-quality software with a background in computer science and psychology. He has overseen engineering operations and worked in providing technology services to companies to overcome business challenges. Rona brings another dimension to the company, having spent the previous 20 years in design, web-app development, and software architecture roles with a degree in Media Arts and Design. She is committed to building an enjoyable and effective product for endurance athletes who are frustrated with the current training platforms available in the market today.

Data can be provided to Reddiyo through fitness trackers, mobile apps, and bike computers, with or without power, and the platform receives data directly from Garmin, Wahoo, Suunto, and Polar devices. Users can also upload TCX and FIT files through their browser dashboard online if other devices or apps are used to track rides. Workout files can also be exported for use with Zwift or other indoor programs and Garmin users with newer models can have workouts pushed straight to their devices.

Reddiyo is currently available in the US Google Play and Apple app stores and will also be expanding to a browser-based interface. In the coming weeks, users can expect a live workout player to be introduced on the app allowing users to complete both indoor and outdoor workouts directly within the app. Reddiyo is also developing features to include GPS capabilities, running and multisport training, and coaching integrations.

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