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ENVO's Latest Invention Shakes Micro Electric Mobility Industry: FLEX

Published August 23, 2022

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Covering all road, snow and adaptive riding applications with the convertible range of products

Bringing flexibility in inventory management and the ability of customization to dealers

Introducing a new sustainable engineering concept to the micro electric mobility industry

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, Aug 17, 2022: ENVO Drive Systems, a BC-based engineering firm focused on micro electric mobility, today announced the launch of its all-seasons ebike, FLEX, in Canada and the U.S.. The FLEX range of products include: FLEX Overland, FLEX Urban, FLEX Trike and FLEX Snowbike.

With versatility and flexibility for users top of mind, the new line of ebikes is designed and engineered in Canada with purposeful component specs, versatile add-on accessories, and interchangeable features. FLEX allows users to upgrade and adapt their ebike to four different riding applications based on their preferences and year-round riding needs.

This industry's first versatility in design will give dealers flexibility in inventory management. The single frame and modular design allow dealers to triple their inventory and provide customers with vast customization with minimal investment in inventory.

"Our research found that some niche riding applications, such as snow cycling, utility and cargo, kids and passengers, seniors and adaptive cycling, are not getting the attention from the micro electric mobility industry because of the small market size," said Ali Kazemkhani, CEO of ENVO. "At ENVO, we strive to help people move differently with micro electric mobility solutions. Our engineering team dug into the mobility challenges and identified the common problems of these niche markets. Their creativity, innovation and sustainable engineering mindset brought us FLEX, a state-of-the-art ebike that not only caters to users' specific needs with one product, but also advocates sustainable engineering in the industry."

The full product line includes:

FLEX Overland: A high-performance and foldable cargo utility ebike for off-road use. Designed for those who frequent paths that are rough and unpaved – mountain trails, jeep tracks, snowy terrain, or sandy beaches.

FLEX Urban: A street legal foldable cargo utility ebike for urban use. Designed for customers who need to carry their equipment with them like tools or a surfboard.

FLEX Trike: Designed for customers looking for a very stable ride with lots of storage room in the trunk.

FLEX Snowbike: Designed for customers looking to explore snowy trails and frozen lakes – perfect for ice fishing and winter trails.

FLEX Urban can be converted into the FLEX Trike, and vice versa, for users who are looking for a reliable utility ebike, but also stability and lots of storage space. The FLEX Overland and FLEX Snowbike convert between one another for a convenient off-roading ebike at any time of the year.

All FLEX range of products are equipped with dual battery options providing a range of up to 200K km and a foldable aluminum unisex step-thru frame design that allows for the utility of two products on one platform. FLEX will be available in Canada and the U.S. online and in select Canadian dealers starting late August. Pre-orders can be submitted online today. For more information, please visit

About ENVO

ENVO Drive Systems is an innovative Canadian engineering company with a focus on evolving electric mobility to offset the impact of fossil fuels on our planet. With a vision to be the preferred e-mobility choice for the sustainable future of our planet, ENVO will continue to offer well-engineered, easy to maintain, modern and reasonably priced, clean energy e-mobility solutions for road, snow or water.

There are over 12,000 riders in the ENVO community, collectively saving over 85 million KGs of CO2 every year by opting for clean energy instead of using fossil fuels. ENVO is participating in the global commitment to cleaner air and reduced greenhouse emissions.

ENVO is committed to electric mobility. #ENVOLUTION

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