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BPSA releases new bike owner's manual content

Published February 28, 2014

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association has released an updated version of its adult bicycle Owner's Manual.

BPSA has been generating the Owner's Manual content since 1990. The content is licensed to bicycle manufacturers annually, saving each company time and money in producing a document with significant legal ramifications. 

Joe Hawk, COO at Haro Bikes, said he is an enthusiastic BPSA Owner's Manual user. "Having a fantastic resource like this not only saves us a lot of money but more importantly allows us more time to spend on other important innovations that help keep our business competitive," Hawk said in a statement released by the BPSA.

Safety Committee chairman Bob Margevicius of Specialized gave the rationale for the update. "The new version does two things," noted Margevicius. "It covers some of the new technical aspects like disc road brakes and through-axles, and we also did some wordsmithing, making it more readable and user-friendly."

Industry veteran Tom Franges writes the manual's content and reviews it with BPSA legal advisers. "I really enjoy this fact-based writing," Franges said. "It's all about unifying the way the industry says things to consumers, especially safety messages."

BPSA executive director Ray Keener said the association saw a 50 percent increase in licensing revenue from the Owner's Manual last year. "This is mainly due to more and more small companies coming into compliance with industry regulations. We have a licensing discount for newer, smaller BPSA members that's really resonated," Keener said.

Online access to the updated content was being sent out to current licensees this week. Companies who are not currently using the BPSA Owner's Manual content for adult bikes are invited to contact Keener at, or (303) 442-2466.

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