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Catrike hires Bill Watkins as consultant

Published March 12, 2014
Fast growing Florida manufacturer consults with former Serotta CEO

ORLANDO, Fla. (BRAIN) — Catrike, a fast growing manufacturer of high performance recumbent tricycles, is consulting with former Serotta CEO Bill Watkins as the company contemplates its growth strategy.


Watkins and Ben Serotta are working with industry consulting group Gluskin Townley

Catrike founder Paulo Camasmie said he is looking to Watkins for help as the company plans to take its next step in growth.

"We have reached the stage where we need to prepare for our next level of evolution that will support continued industry-leading growth," Camasmie said. "We asked around the industry and followed up the recommendations we received by contacting the Gluskin Townley Group," Paulo Camasmie said.

Camasmie said Watkins "matched our exact needs. He is an entrepreneur who has founded, developed and sold successful businesses and most recently was the CEO at Serotta Bicycles. He is a high-performance cyclist himself so he understands what we do and why we do it. Bill has also successfully coached other businesses in our situation, so it was a perfect match complete with great chemistry between Bill and us," he said.

Watkins said, "As Catrike steps from cult-following to mainstream product, they want to ensure that the company is world-class in all aspects of their business. Jay (Townley), Elliot (Gluskin), Ben (Serotta) and I foresee exponential growth for both Catrike and the performance trike market. To say the least, this is a very exciting engagement that we are excited about and a company I am privileged to contribute to."###

Bill Watkins (left) with Catrike GM Mark Egeland in Catrike's factory.

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