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After strong year, Van Dessel moves to new space with Kent International

Published December 19, 2017

PARSIPPANY, N.J. (BRAIN) — After a strong year that saw a big increase in dealers and sales, Van Dessel is moving operations into a new space inside Kent International's 60,000-square-foot warehouse in Parsippany. 

Kent has been assisting Van Dessel in its growth, said Robert Vander Veur, Van Dessel's vice president of sales and development. He said Van Dessel now has about 78 dealers — twice its count last year. Sales were up nearly 40 percent this year. 

"Kent has been very important in supporting and backing our efforts, not just so we can produce new models, but to provide better service to our growing IBD base," Vander Veur said. "We've increased our outside sales force with eight new reps. Hardly a sales army like larger brands, but we can begin providing our dealers with the attention they deserve," he added.

Van Dessel has moved its inventory and assembly team to Parsippany, and the company added a few more assemblers. Every bike Van Dessel sends to dealers is assembled to order in-house.

"Part of the feedback from dealers we are getting is that they really appreciate the no-pressure approach we take. Shops can just order one bike, a frame and build kit or just a frame — we don't care. And our a la carte build program gives them a unique bike that cannot be cost shopped," Vander Veur said.

Vander Veur noted that as many larger suppliers have phased out their steel offerings, Van Dessel's steel sales have increased. Its chromoly Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and WTF 853LTD are top sellers.

Vander Veur said shops appreciate the custom component sizing options and the ability to access a wide variety of build components for a new custom bike from one place.

The company recently added Dirt City Cycle Supply in Edmonton, Alberta, to distribute to Canadian retailers, and it now has a Philippines distributor, My Next Bike in Makati, Philippines. The company is going to display at the CABDA show in February.

"It's great having Van Dessel in-house," Kent International president Scott Kamler said. "We're happy to offer any assistance we can, fulfillment, warehousing, art needs — we're here to support their growth and keep the brand moving forward."

Van Dessel's new address is 60 East Halsey Road, Parsippany NJ, 07045. Telephone is 973-543-2599.

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