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Published February 12, 2018

SAN JOSE, Calif. (BRAIN) — BicycleBlueBook is giving its IBD customers access to marketing assets through Promoboxx, a web platform used by several major bike suppliers.

BBB's president, Ira Becker, said Promoboxx allows retailers to access materials from multiple suppliers through one site. Promoboxx allows retailers to send marketing materials directly to their social media accounts or to email campaigns. The campaigns also can be automated so that supplier-provided materials are automatically posted. The platform is free for retailers to access.

"We learned about the platform from several of our retailers that suggested adopting Promoboxx during an internal survey for ways to make our program more useful to their business," said Becker. "After seeing how easily a retailer can post and share brand-generated content on their social media channels with one click, we decided to invest in Promoboxx to further support our network. We currently have four campaigns on Promoboxx for our IBD retailers and are committed to a cadence of three to four new campaigns per month."

BBB has more than 1,400 Authorized Trade-In Partners that accept and ship used bikes whose value is determined by BicycleBlueBook. The consumer gets a shop credit for the trade-in; the shop ships the used bike to BicycleBlueBook, which sells it through its online marketplace.

"Promoboxx is thrilled to partner with," said Sonciary Honnoll, vice president of customer experience and co-founder of Promoboxx. "The cycling industry is one that Promoboxx works closely with, and we are excited that is committed to supporting its retailer base with digital marketing, which in turn will help bike stores grow their local cycling communities."

Existing and new Promoboxx retailers can access content and campaigns by logging on or signing up at also announced that it has hired SmartEtailing to develop promotional campaigns and graphics to support its Authorized Trade-In Program.

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An example of BicycleBlueBook's new marketing materials.

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