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Velotooler adds 'white glove' bike delivery features and Shopify integration

Published August 6, 2018

HAMDEN, Conn. (BRAIN) — Velotooler has added a "white glove" bike delivery feature and Shopify integration, allowing bike companies and end-users to efficiently track bike assembly and delivery by Velotooler's independent mechanics and retailers.

"Velotooler's exceptional white glove delivery is about exceeding the level of service expected by the bicycle customer," said Velotooler CEO Yahor Buben. "It's about the bike customer knowing who is the assembler and deliverer of his/her bike ahead of time and being sure of the professional skills level that has been displayed, tracked and reviewed by others. It's about the empowering the customer to set their delivery time, and if necessary reschedule it."

After delivery Velotooler follows up to obtain the customer's feedback about the technical aspect of the delivery and the overall experience.

Selected supplier partners who already use Shopify will get full and free support during the integration and will be able to use the Velotooler network of mechanics by shipping bikes directly to mechanics' verified locations. This process is fully automated from both ends requiring no staff to enhance the delivery process. Any questions or issues can still be handled via direct Velotooler communication functions. The customer will also automatically be informed of any delivery delays if they occur.

Velotooler also has started working on implementing Shopify integration for suppliers' dealer network. This will allow these companies to manage discounts/margins for each dealer individually. On the Velotooler side companies will be allowed to add new dealers while accepting Velotooler mechanics on mobile.

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