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Rad Power Bikes moving to new location in Seattle

Published October 19, 2018

SEATTLE (BRAIN) — Consumer-direct e-bike brand Rad Power Bikes is moving to a new location in Seattle. The move will consolidate the company's offices, warehouse and retail store, currently housed in three different locations in the city.


Rad Power is leasing 26,000 square feet of space in the new Woodland Business Center in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood starting Jan. 1, 2019. In addition to bringing together its various operations, the new space will also help Rad Power accommodate its growing staff, which has expanded from 20 employees at the start of 2018 to 80 today.

"We continued outgrowing all our locations. Moving to this new space is to better accommodate our growing team and serve high customer demand," Rad Power co-founder and CEO MIke Radenbaugh told BRAIN. "Right now we have a nice size office in Seattle, but we filled it up months ago. So the new space ties in our retail store with our office space and warehousing all under one roof. When you go there there will be an outdoor electric bike charging station and parking area and maybe even a little organic coffee shop inside that will be a more experiential location."

Rad Power launched in 2007 and went consumer direct in 2015, jumpstarting its sales growth. And 2018 has been an exceptional growth year for the brand, with sales on target to rise to $50 million from $20 million last year.

"It's a high-value product with a strong support system backing it," Radenbaugh said of the Rad Power line, which covers a range from fat bikes for on- and off-road use to cargo and utility haulers. "It's a bike that really anyone can get into and enjoy and love. And more importantly, as you put the miles on, which goes by really quick on an e-bike, having a team to support every one of our customers in timely fashion has really been paramount for our growth."

Fleet sales for the brand's utility bikes have also come on strong lately. "With our electric cargo trike, our bikes are now being used to haul 700 pounds of organic vegetables all over Vancouver, Canada. Those types of applications are what really excites us — providing products to support the transition away from a car-centric lifestyle."

Rad Power's new address will be 1128 NW 52nd St., Seattle, WA 98107. Phone numbers will be unchanged.

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