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Taking multichannel to a new level: Channel Mastery podcast talks to The Pro's Closet's founder

Published July 10, 2019

Nick Martin was one of the pioneers in the used sector. As founder and CEO of The Pro's Closet, he studied eBay to learn consumer behaviors around resale gear. To say he learned well is an understatement. TPC launched in 2006. Recently, it's been consistently growing 120 percent year over year.

The keys to the e-commerce company's success can be traced to Nick's background as a pro cyclist, a stroke of amazing luck with six Colnago Futura frames, a strong team, and a boatload of work. Today TPC is managing the near impossible by figuring out how to navigate tricky world of bike retail (resale) without stepping on toes.

"The used market is about experiences, sustainability, price and encouraging participation growth by allowing customers to upgrade within their means. So many lessons and so many stories to tell," said Channel Mastery host Kristin Carpenter. "I hope you enjoy my conversation with Nick Martin"

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