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Brooklyn's 718 Cyclery raises awareness with 'days without a cycling death' sign

Published August 2, 2019

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (BRAIN) — With cycling deaths becoming a sign of the times in New York City this year, 718 Cyclery owner Joe Nocella began shedding more light on them Friday.


That's when he posted his custom-made "days without a cycling death" sign in his Brooklyn-based shop window.

"NYC Has Gone 4 Days Without A Cyclist Being Killed 18 Cyclists Have Been Killed This Year"

It's not the usual bike retailer's store-front sales pitch to come in and browse but necessary nonetheless, Nocella said.

"How do we as a bike shop with six people build awareness?" aked Nocella, an avid cyclist who often rides to 718 Cyclery, which he has owned for 10 years. "The sign for me was like, 'Let's just throw this in the window and go for it.'

"For other bike shops, it's a step too far to put a sign like that in the window because it would scare customers away. I thought about that, but it's more important for education and awareness for sure, to shock people into realizing the danger."

On Monday, the 18th cyclist was killed in the city. Last year, there were 10 fatalities, according to At least one cyclist has been killed in each month, and Mayor Bill de Blasio has said cycling in the city is in a "crisis."

In Brooklyn alone, 13 have died.

"It's an aggressive indifference," Nocella said. "The very selfish idea that the road is mine as a driver. Typical New York City arrogance and aggressive behavior."

Nocella, 49, said when he posted his plan for the sign to the 718 Cyclery Instagram account, which has 6,612 followers as of Friday, he received inquiries about selling it to other shops. He won't sell the signs, but he will forward the digital file to anyone to create their own.

Nocella, who organizes bike-camping trips, adventure and group rides through the store, said the spate of deaths has made him a bit uneasy. "I've definitely felt a little more intimidated to ride. Sometimes, I'm thinking twice where I've never thought twice before."

718 Cyclery owner Joe Nocella has a new sign in his window.

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