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Kids bikes closer to getting China tariff relief

Published December 5, 2019

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — Importers of kids bikes from China might get a reprieve from the 25% tariffs imposed as part of the Trump administration's trade war.

After an initial review stage found that exclusions should be granted to 19 requests, the U.S. Trade Representative is now assessing whether the exclusions would be administratable by the Customs and Border Protection.

The 19 requests are all for the exclusion of kids bikes with wheels smaller than 26 inches. They were submitted by a variety of organizations and companies, including Trek Bicycle, Huffy, Quality, Kink, and PeopleForBikes. 

"From the outset we have felt that children's bikes were one of the most compelling categories of complete bicycles for a product exclusion," said Alex Logemann, policy counsel for PeopleForBikes. "We are very happy to see that the USTR's substantive review agreed with our position. While this is good news that has the potential to provide substantial tariff relief to the industry, we still need to successfully navigate an additional stage of review from Customs." 

The industry has submitted about 100 requests for exclusions from the List 3 tariff round, first imposed at 10% last September and then raised to 25%.

So far, the USTR has granted five requests: for some singlespeed adult bikes, carbon frames, and wired bike computers. It also has denied four requests.

PeopleForBikes requested exclusion for bikes like this and other kids bikes.
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