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Strava Metro now free for urban planners and advocates

Published September 23, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO (BRAIN) — Strava has announced that its Strava Metro data, which compiles anonymous ride data from Strava users for transportation planners, is now free of charge for urban planners, city governments and safe infrastructure advocates. 

Strava launched Strava Metro in 2014.

"We always believed there were special ways in which the Strava community could contribute to the world-at-large. Strava Metro was one such way. And given the growing need for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, we felt Strava Metro was too valuable and important not to make available to any organization attempting to make a difference in designing the cities of the future," said Mark Gainey, co-founder of Strava.

The company said transportation shifts during the COVID-19 shutdowns helped inspire the move.

Strava Metro data shows that New York City recorded a "monumental rise in active transportation" in the last year. For example, 81% more people completed at least one bike trip in July this year, compared to last year. When the city opened more streets to human powered transportatino exclusively, Strava Metro recorded up to 181% more bike trips on those streets.

"Advocates are always looking to data to help determine which streets have the greatest need for safe cycling infrastructure," said Danny Harris, the executive director of Transportation Alternatives, a New York group. "Strava Metro is another important tool in helping to understand patterns of cycling and how to provide critical and safe bike infrastructure to more New Yorkers."

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