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SRAM quietly stops selling PowerTap products

Published February 12, 2021

CHICAGO (VELONEWS) — During the first week of February, SRAM removed all PowerTap power meters for sale from its website without fanfare. While this comes as no surprise — Quarq power meters are owned by SRAM — it does mean the end of the road for a brand that was nearly synonymous with inexpensively and accurately measuring power on the bike, for the past two decades.

“The PowerTap G3 Hub and P2 Pedals are now discontinued. While we are no longer accepting new orders, we are fulfilling existing orders and honoring the full warranty period,” says Michael Zellmann, senior corporate public relations manager at SRAM. “Going forward, we have decided to focus on further developing the next generation of power meter technologies.”

SRAM acquired PowerTap in 2019.

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