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Swiss brand FLYER targets North America market

Published September 27, 2021

HUTTWIL, Switzerland (BRAIN) — FLYER will begin distributing its e-bikes in North America after developing and selling models in Europe for 25 years. It's looking for dealer partners in the U.S. and Canada to begin distribution next spring.

The portfolio of bikes — which will be on display at the Sea Otter Classic next week — includes the Uproc6, an enduro bike with 17/160mm travel, the compact Upstreet1 city model, the folding Upstreet2, and the FLYER Tandem.

"We see a great potential for e-bikes and the FLYER brand in the USA and Canada," said Christian Müller, CSO/CTO of FLYER AG. "We are convinced that plenty of people here will be wowed by our sporty FLYER mountain e-bikes as well as our modern and versatile urban models. Not only is the mountain e-bike sport slowly but surely becoming increasingly attractive in the USA and Canada, more and more North Americans are also discovering the e-bike for everyday use and leisure time in cities. ...."

FLYER has been developing and assembling e-bikes in Switzerland for more than 25 years with a workforce of 350 employees. FLYER currently exports 75% of its annual production — about 75,000 e-bikes a year — and sells its e-bikes in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and France. 

FLYER Uproc6.
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