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Portland brands bring 'cross to the people

Published November 2, 2021

PORTLAND, Ore. (BRAIN) — Wheel brand HiFi, Ritte Cycles, and bike shop TriTech Bikes are working with BIKEPOC PNW to offer a series of cyclocross clinics and create a lending library of cyclocross/gravel bikes. 

BIKEPOC, a new group, has a mission to create riding opportunities for Black, Indigenous, People of Color.

"We currently have six bikes in the program (which were a challenge to source and assemble during shortages)," said HiFi's founder Josh Liberles.

"We've had about 20 unique clinic attendees, most of whom are brand new to cyclocross and gravel — and some of whom are fairly new to cycling. Having purpose-built loaner bikes really encouraged folks to give 'cross a whirl, as did a clinic that was specifically run by BIPOC people, for BIPOC people. At least eight of them have come out and raced already, and most of those multiple times! The bikes will serve double-duty once the season is over, as gravel/adventure rigs," Liberles added.

A HiFi company blog post said, "The vibe of the cyclocross scene has already noticeably changed for the better as riders from the Cyclocross Clinics immediately dove into regional races to mix it up: riding confidently, and even getting on podiums and taking some early-season wins. The energy and enthusiasm this ’Cross Class of ’21 exudes is nothing less than remarkable, and we’re so honored to be involved."

HiFi received a grant from Prosper Portland to make this possible. Ritte made equipment available and TriTech provided bike assembly. Photo by Adam Kachman.

Photo by Adam Kachman
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