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Coalition addresses COP26 climate summit with open letter about bicycling benefits

Published November 2, 2021

GLASGOW, Scotland (BRAIN) — A global coalition of 60-plus bicycle organizations published an open letter to urge leaders of more than 120 countries attending the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) to increase the number of people who bike.

The coalition includes PeopleForBikes, the European Cyclists' Federation, and the International Mountain Bicycling Federation.

"World leaders must commit to boosting cycling levels to reduce carbon emissions and reach global climate goals quickly and effectively," the letter begins.

PeopleForBikes notes that the transition to electric vehicles, while critical to reach long-term emissions reductions goals, will take decades. Despite this, COP26 Transport Day on Nov. 10 will focus exclusively on electric road vehicles as a solution.

Bicycling produces zero emissions and is a simple technology available now, PeopleForBikes notes. The coalition calls on governments and leaders attending COP26 to declare commitments to significantly boost investments toward increasing ridership levels at home.

"Investing in bicycle infrastructure is climate imperative," said Jenn Dice, PeopleForBikes president and CEO. "Rising emissions from transportation requires immediate action to replace short car trips and incentivize bicycling. We stand with our global partners in calling on the United States and other world leaders at COP26 to prioritize bicycling as a simple, cost-effective and increasingly popular climate solution."

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