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DT Swiss set to acquire Trickstuff disc brake company

Published December 21, 2021

BIEL, Switzerland (BRAIN) — DT Swiss will acquire disc brake company Trickstuff. The acquisition is expected to be completed on Jan. 1.

Trickstuff — based in Pfaffenweiler, Germany — has established itself in the industry in the past two decades. Owner and industrial engineer Klaus Liedler will continue in the role of managing director.

DT Swiss said Trickstuff will operate as an independent company with its own brand identity, marketing, and product strategy. Trickstuff primarily will benefit from DT Swiss' knowledge in business model development, IT infrastructure integration, supply-chain management, production optimization, and industrialization within the scope of joint cooperation and integration projects.

The joint cooperation in cross-company project teams began this month in the area of ERP system integration.

"Over the years, I have cultivated a trusting exchange with Klaus Liedler and learned to appreciate him as a creative and sympathetic discussion partner," said Frank Böckmann, DT Swiss Group CEO and chairman of the board. "In these conversations, we also talked about further development prospects of his company. In these discussions, we came to the conclusion that both companies could benefit from working together and decided to integrate Trickstuff into the DT Swiss Group."

Liedler echoed Böckmann's assessment.

"Together, we came to the conclusion that both companies could benefit from a close cooperation," he said. "We at Trickstuff are very happy to become part of the DT Swiss Group, which opens up great growth opportunities for us as an agile and innovative company. In the future, we want to continue working on sophisticated innovations with our great team and bringing high-quality, durable, and easy-to-maintain braking systems to the market. Personally, I am very much looking forward to intensifying the exchange with a whole new range of colleagues in the group."

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