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Emerald (we think) surveys industry on bringing back 'InterBike'

Published January 12, 2022

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y.  (BRAIN) — Many members of the global bike industry received email surveys this week purportedly from Emerald Expositions, a trade show company that produces the Outdoor Retailer expos and which owns Interbike, the bike expo last held in 2018 in Reno, Nevada.

The survey asked if industry members would be interested in a return of Interbike, where and when they would prefer it to be held, and whether they were open to combining the bike show with the Outdoor Retailer show, which is held in Denver.

The survey spelled the bike show as "InterBike" — not its previous capitalization style — and the survey contained remnants of a SurveyGizmo template, including parenthetical suggestions like "{Create a sense of urgency by mentioning a deadline, if it is appropriate}." and "{If possible send from a real person as it fosters trust and adds personality.}"

The errors caused some survey recipients to question whether the survey came from Emerald, a publicly-traded expo company that had revenues of $361 million in 2019 before the pandemic brought much of its business to a halt.

"InterBike spelled with a capital “B” and hilarious draft notes in the cover note? This couldn’t be coming from Emerald, could it?" one industry member asked BRAIN. "Thinking more like someone working in their basement using Emerald’s stationery?"

It's hard to say. BRAIN has emailed several members of Emerald's corporate communications team over the last two days to ask about the survey, with no response.

Emerald has welcomed bike exhibitors at its Outdoor Retailer events in the past, although it stopped short of labeling the bike area as "Interbike." The fall 2019 Outdoor Retailer was to have included a bike expo, but that event was canceled

Outdoor Retailer's Snow Show opens in Denver on Jan. 26

Editor's note: Until 2019, BRAIN was owned by Emerald Expositions, and operated under license by the National Bicycle Dealers Association. BRAIN is now owned by Outside. 

A scene from the late great Reno Interbike of 2018.
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