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A-Team Profile — Tony Lo

Published May 2, 2008

NAME: Anthony Lo
AGE: 60
COMPANY: Giant Manufacturing
TITLE: General Manager

For Westerners, Tony Lo is the most visible official of the world’s biggest bicycle company. His long partnership with Giant founder King Liu has been one of the most successful in the industry.

At Giant, Lo combined his background in sales and marketing to Liu’s engineering genius to create a company that now is known around the world.

In addition to its Taiwan factory, Giant is a leader in the Chinese domestic market for both traditional and electric bikes, and operates a factory at its European headquarters in the Netherlands. Although Giant factories produce bikes for several other brands—Trek being the most notable customer in the U.S. market—the Giant bicycle brand is a global leader. Some 70 percent of the company’s sales come from Giant-branded products.

In addition to being the “coach” of the A-Team, Lo is also one of its oldest members although he does not look the part.

Because of his leadership position, Lo has been vocal about the importance of the A-Team’s tour of the island.

Taiwan is known for its manufacturing prowess, but it has never had a strong cycling culture.

“We are already good designers, good manufacturers,” Lo said. “But we also want to be real cyclists. Real cyclists producing real bicycles and real cycling parts and components for the world.”

Lo has insisted that the heads of the A-Team companies participate in the tour instead of sending younger surrogates. Anyone who owns or manages a bicycle company needs to ride a bike to understand the passion for cycling, he says.

“You can be a bike manufacturer, but the cycling must be really in our hearts. Unless we have the passion for cycling, then something’s still missing there. You are making great products, but without a real soul,” Lo said. “That’s why I say, the boss must be there.”

—Doug McClellan

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