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Brands Form First Group at Bike Week

Published November 3, 2010

TAICHUNG, Taiwan—A new group of five exhibitors will band together to show their products in one room at this year’s Taichung Bike Week.

First Group consists of Selle Italia, Continental, Deda Elementi, Reynolds and Cane Creek. The idea behind First Group is to offer efficiency to product managers by presenting product lines from key complementary brands under one roof, said Dana Carson, international sales manager for Reynolds Cycling.

“From a sales standpoint, everybody is doing their own thing. We all have pricing, sourcing and logistical issues that are very unique to our brands, but the importance in working with these brands is really to maximize the time of the product managers who are there,” Carson said.

Another opportunity with First Group is to expose product managers to brands they may not have considered spec’ing in the past.

An earlier iteration of First Group existed last year with Selle Italia, Continental and Campagnolo, but this is the first year Deda Elementi, Cane Creek and Reynolds will join the team, Carson said.

“For us at Reynolds it’s away for us to get into the same room with key brands and brands that provide lot of core products for the OE market at lots of price levels,” he said.

Sales managers from First Group brands will meet with product managers from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Dec. 4-7 in room c on the basement level at Tempus Hotel.

Taichung Bike Week is held Dec. 4-8 at the Tempus and Evergreen hotels in downtown Taichung to provide product managers with a laid-back atmosphere in which to see component and parts before making final spec decisions for the next model year. Ride On, a group of nine companies showing product at the Freshfields Resort, runs from Dec. 1-6, and SRAM’s Taiwanathon takes place at its Taichung offices Dec. 5-8.

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—Nicole Formosa

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