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Dahon offers distribution to Western brands in China

Published December 7, 2012

DUARTE, CA (BRAIN) — Dahon is broadening its business in Asia by opening its distribution network in China, Macau and Hong Kong to other Western brands. Its first partnership is with German accessories brand SKS. Dahon will serve as the aftermarket distributor for SKS’ entire line of pumps, tools, bottle cages, bags and mudguards. 

Dahon has spec’d SKS mudguards on its bikes for years, so expanding the relationship made sense, said Eddie Eccleston, Dahon’s global sales and marketing director.

“We sell 380,000 folding bikes in our shops, over 1,100 shops. That’s a huge distribution and a huge following,” Eccleston said, speaking over Skype from China. “…It’s a huge resource and our dealers are desperately looking for other opportunities to maximize their business.”

Besides its own Dahon-branded franchises, Dahon also sells through an additional 500 to 600 shops. 

“If we start to grow this [distribution] side of it, if we start to become agents for European or U.S. businesses we can definitely expand the network further,” he said.

Dahon sells to dealers through regional distributors, and its existing sales force will rep SKS and any future additional brands. Eccleston said Dahon is seeking products with appeal and demand in the Asian market. 

“When we take something on, we want to be able to sell it, not store it. We have to make sure we have something to sell.”

For Dahon’s folding bikes, China has eclipsed the rest of the world in unit sales and Eccleston expects the number to grow to 450,000 pieces next year. 



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