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POC's AVIP road cycling gear wins design award

Published December 4, 2014

STOCKHOLM (BRAIN) —  POC has been awarded a prestigious Swedish design award for AVIP, the concept behind the brand's road cycling gear, introduced in 2013. The Design S award has been presented every second year since 2006; this year's winners were announced Nov. 26 at a prize ceremony at the Architecture and Design Centre in Stockholm. POC's award was in the Fashion and Textiles category.

AVIP stands for Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection. The AVIP line was POC's first road bike gear, building on the brand's product lines for snow sports and mountain biking.

"Moving into a new business area is always challenging but more than anything else, it's extremely energizing," said POC CEO and founder Stefan Ytterborn.

"With POC's history in hard goods, we stepped into the road bike scene with the ambition of supporting the POC mission by developing the most accurate apparel in regards to performance and safety, in tandem with helmets and eyewear. The challenge has been how to apply the thinking and philosophy from 3D, industrial design and architecture, and to construct and build wearable skins with the most appropriate materials and sophisticated making."

AVIP will be a part of the Design S exhibition at the Architecture and Design Centre in Stockholm that opened Nov. 27 and runs through Feb. 8.

Rolo, a German bike manufacturer, also won a Design S award this year, in the Industrial Design category.

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