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Haro Bicycles opens European office in Germany

Published April 28, 2016

VISTA, Calif. (BRAIN) — Haro Bicycles has created Haro Europe, which will operate a sales and marketing office in Bielefeld, Germany. Haro Europe will focus on sales and support to its existing distribution base located in 21 countries, as well as opening new markets where no distribution currently exists.

The office will be run by Jan Begemann, who has 19 years of bike industry experience. Begemann is in the process of staffing the operation. The company said he will work in concert with Haro's VP of sales, Pete Garski, and together head up the international portion of Haro's business. Begemann will focus primarily on Europe while Pete will focus more on the Americas, Asia, and other regions of the world.

"I am extremely excited about this move" said Joe Hawk, Haro's COO. "All of us in the bicycle industry are experiencing a tremendous shift with regards to how bicycles are sold and distribution is managed and Haro is no exception."

He added, "It is a time of great change where increased focus is required in order to be on the positive side of this shift. Haro Europe, under Jan's management, will not only provide the focus necessary to succeed and grow in Europe, but also provide Pete the ability to focus on his areas of responsibility outside of Europe where tremendous growth potential exists."

Until the new offices are fully operational, all communications will continue to come through the U.S. Customers will be advised when those communications are ready to shift over to Germany.

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