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NuVinci Cycling products to be renamed ’enviolo’

Published October 25, 2017

AMSTERDAM (BRAIN) — Beginning Jan.1, NuVinci Cycling, a division of Fallbrook Technologies Inc., will be operating under a new name: enviolo.


The division will be operating more independently from Fallbrook, the company said.

"Our journey since 2007 has been incredible! Our stepless and automatic products have captured OEMs, dealers, and consumers by offering a riding experience like no other. We have grown into a very relevant business with many more opportunities to explore. Now, we are ready to embark on our next chapter - as enviolo," said David Hancock, the managing director of NuVinci Cycling.

The brand's stepless and automatic shifting technology has been licensed to other companies and is currently in commercial development for automotive applications, scooters, micro-mobility solutions, and off-road utility vehicles.

The company said the new division name aims to better differentiate between the technology brand, which remains NuVinci by Fallbrook, and the products using that technology, now offered by enviolo. Starting with model year 2019 groupsets, enviolo will also use the new brand name in the product names.

"Enviolo is not just about a new name and logo: the division's next chapter, marked by the new name, is going to bring a great deal of additional value to manufacturers, dealers, and consumers. We aim to become the 'The Moving Standard' for bicycles and e-bikes today - with a new, needs-based product portfolio, increased service capabilities, retailer support programs, and direct-to-consumer marketing initiatives," said Anne Guethoff, the marketing director at NuVinci Cycling.

The division recently launched its new 2019 product portfolio, which includes five new group sets designed specifically for the needs of the individual rider and their respective bicycle use cases. The groups are specific for city, trekking, cargo, sportive, and commercial applications.

The company said its retailer support has been increased significantly across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as well as Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg markets with the introduction of an extensive retailer training series, online training, and the recent launch of the exclusive "Experience Partner Program." The division is investing substantially in its service capability as well with new markets such as France, Switzerland, and Germany now being managed directly by the company's international service center in the Netherlands.

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