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Giant asks EU for exemption from e-bike anti-dumping duties

Published May 30, 2019

KIRCHBERG, Luxembourg (BRAIN) — Giant Electric Vehicles has asked the General Court of the European Union for an anullment of the 24.6% anti-dumping duties it imposed on the company's China-made e-bikes in January

Giant Electric, a subsidiary of Giant Manufacturing based in Kunshan, China, filed an application with the court. Among other arguments, Giant said the European Commission incorrectly concluded the company was benefiting from subsidized aluminum and incorrectly calculated its bikes' prices in the EU market.

According to Annick Roetynck, the manager of the Light Electric Vehicle Association-EU trade group, the court now has to decide on the admissibility of the plea.

"Should the court allow the plea, other parties, who believe that they have grounds to call for the annulment of the Commission's Regulation, could join the case as intervenors," Roetynck wrote on the LEVA-EU website. "A decision in favor of the plaintiff(s) would force the Commission to immediately stop the anti-dumping and countervailing measures. Furthermore, the annulment of the Regulation would mean that all duties have been collected unlawfully and would therefore have to be paid back by the Commission."

She said LEVA-EU is currently consulting with its members and its lawyers to determine a position in this case.


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