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WTB launches Vigilante enduro tire

Published April 3, 2013

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN) — WTB's new Vigilante's tire is available in a 2.3-inch width in 26-inch, 650b and 29-inch wheel sizes. The new tread design features large, square-edged knobs to address the needs of European enduro racers.

The tire has thicker casings, lower durometer tactile rubber compounds, and tuned rebound characteristics for enduro conditions.

“Vigilante is the do-everything choice from running all day to battling in the muck,” said Mark Slate, WTB’s vice president of product development. 

The company said the  2.3-inch, 57mm casing provides a big enough footprint to ensure traction while not penalizing riders on the ascents. Heavily reinforced side knobs eliminate flex as the tire is pushed to extreme lean angles while cornering.

WTB Vigilante tires will be available worldwide starting in July. 26-inch Vigilantes will retail for $64.95, 650bs for $67.95, and 29-inch for $69.95.


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