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Yakima's 2014 FullTilt and FullSwing rack models

Published August 21, 2013

BEAVERTON, OR (BRAIN) — Yakima's 2014 line includes two new hitch-mast bike rack models, the FullSwing and the FullTilt.  

Both new models feature a function that puts all controls for the arm, fold, and mast tilt on top of the unit, eliminating the need for the user to bend down. Also, the hitch pin automatically engages when inserting the mast into the vehicle hitch, eliminating the need to reach under the vehicle.

Also new is the introduction of ratcheting ZipStrips to attach the bikes, instead of the more common rubber straps.

The FullSwing and FullTilt come pre-assembled and include a full SKS (“Same Key System”) lock package that locks the bikes to the rack and the rack to the vehicle. They also have integrated bottle openers.

The FullSwing, which carries four bikes and swings away from the vehicle laterally, will retail for $499. The FullSwing fits only 2-inch receivers.

The FullTilt tilts back, away from the vehicle. It will be available to fit 1.25-inch or 2-inch receivers, and four- or five-bike capacity. The four-bike FullTilt will retail for $399; the five-bike model retails for $429.

Both models will be available in January.

The FullTilt

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