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Felt makes radical Olympic track bike available to the public. For $26,000

Published October 5, 2016

IRVINE, Calif. (BRAIN) —Felt Bicycles is now selling its TA FRD track bike model, used by the U.S. women's team pursuit squad at the Rio Olympics.

The bike was designed with asymmetric airfoils and cross sections that were designed in-house by Felt engineers specifically for track racing. It also has a variety of custom made componentry highlighted by a left-hand drive system made possible with proprietary components developed in partnership with HED, FSA, Stages Cycling and Phil Wood. The bike will sell for $25,999.

UCI rules require that bikes used in top-level competition be available at retail, so making the TA FRD bike available for sale is mandatory. 

Felt spokesman Michael White said the company expects to sell a handful.

"The price does seem astronomical at first glance, but interestingly, when you factor in the costs of what you’re getting, it’s actually not too bad a value. We’re confident enough to say that this is the most advanced track frame in the world, and it comes with two sets of wheels (including double HED discs), multiple custom parts like two different FSA cranks, Stages power meter, custom bike box, CeramicSpeed bearings, etc. And each customer will receive a custom front-end and handlebar assembly made for their measurements," White said.

More information:

The TA features a left-side drivetrain.

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