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Park and Facilities Catalog offers new high-density UpLift bike parking dock

Published October 27, 2016

BOCA RATON, Fl. (BRAIN) — The Park and Facilities Catalog, which sells bike racks and other products to businesses and public facilities, is now offering the UpLift bike dock, which claims to be the highest density bike parking rack on the market.

"Bicycle commuting especially on college campuses and in cities is on a swift and steady rise," said Chris Luyet, vice president of sales and marketing and co-inventor of the UpLift. "A large number of planners and architects have taken notice of this trend, as well as civic leaders, and it has become apparent that cities and building projects will need more bicycle parking as this trend continues to grow. We believe it is imperative we reward and encourage ridership through an infrastructure that screams RIDE, and we believe we have built just that."

The rack's wheel pockets and locking arms promise an orderly and user-friendly system for bicycle parking. The offset in elevation between parked bikes eliminates handlebar conflict, allowing for a denser parking arrangement while also increasing walkway space behind parked bicycles.

The UpLift is coated with a seamless proprietary SealGuard finish that protects it from the elements. The coating is said to be resistant to UV rays, salt, mold and mildew. The thick protective thermoplastic coating also prevents scratching and is impermeable to graffiti.

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