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Bike Fixtation releases Mini Wall Mounted Vending Machine

Published January 25, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS (BRAIN) — Bike Fixtation, a Minneapolis based manufacturer of cycling infrastructure and part of Saris Cycling Group, has released a new bike-specific vending machine. The Mini Wall Mounted Vending Machine was created to complement Fixtation's public repair stands and bike wash stations. It dispenses a single product.

For example, a Mini Wall Mounted Vending Machine can vend tube patch kits alongside public bike pumps, or it can vend a towel alongside a Bike Fixtation Bike Wash Station. The machine is only available with a coin acceptor, but can accommodate all major global currencies. The capacity for both tube patch kit and towel options is 24 units.

Additionally, the Mini Wall Mounted Vending Machine has a rugged design, stainless steel cabinet and dual-lock security so it is durable enough for indoor or outdoor installations.

"We're very excited to add another bicycle part vending machine to this product family," said Andy Lambert, Bike Fixtation's sales manager. "It's a well-designed, high security vending machine that has the lowest barrier to entry in its category, requires minimal wall space, is super easy to maintain and is highly customizable."

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