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Douchebags work with Team Sky, bring out two new bike travel bag models

Published March 23, 2017

OSLO, Norway (BRAIN) — Db Equipment has entered the bike travel bag market with two models, a road bike bag endorsed by Team Sky and a mountain bike bag endorsed by the Atherton team.

Db began developing a ski and snowboard bag, called the Douchebag, in 2009 and launched it two years later. Since then the company has added backpacks, duffel bags and wheeled bags and claims to have shipped more than 50,000 bags since the brand launch.

"Ever since we created the Douchebag and really pushed the ski bag market, we have been approached by athletes from so many different sports asking us to improve their travel equipment as well. So we decided to take on the bike travel bag category, as it was one of the segments that really needed better product solutions," said Jon Olsson, a professional skier and co-founder of Db Equipment.

According to Db, Team Sky's head mechanic, Allan Williams, noticed Db's ski and snowboard bags and approached the company about developing a bike bag.

Two years of development led to a hybrid design that the company said has the benefits of both hard cases and soft cases. The Db Tour case is designed for road bikes and retails for $999. The Trail model is for mountain bikes and retails for $699.

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