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Abbey delivering saddle position measurement tool

Published July 20, 2017

BEND, Ore. (BRAIN) — Abbey Bike Tools is now shipping its Fit Kit, a saddle position measuring system it first showed at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show this year. 

The system includes three magnetic "bullets" that fit into various bottom bracket spindle types and hold the end of a standard measuring tape. The bullets allow a saddle height measurement to be taken easily from the center of the bottom bracket. The bullets fit 8mm or 10mm hex fixing bolts, or Shimano bearing preload caps.

The system also includes an aluminum plate that attaches to the top of a saddle. It provides reference points and scales so that saddle height, setback and angle can be recorded and duplicated consistently. Angle measurement can be taken with a level and protractor or a smart phone app. Setback is measured with a plumb bob, which can be dropped from the plate and will not hit the frame or water bottles. 

"This kit is ideal for cyclists that travel and regularly have to re-assemble their bike, bike fitters and mechanics in the workshop and in the field," the company said. The bullets are available separately or the complete kit with all three bullets retails for $150.

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