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Industry Nine's new TRA wheels bring Torch features to the road

Published June 12, 2018

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (BRAIN) — Industry Nine is offering four wheelsets in its new Torch Road Alloy product line. The TRA wheels offer features, including custom color options, previously available only on the brand's Torch Mountain wheels.

"Ideal scenarios for the TRA line-up would be in the CX start grid, fast moving, light-duty off-road explorations, or hammering out long days on Forest Service roads," the company said.

All TRA wheelsets have a 24-hole 2:1 spoke lacing pattern to equalize spoke tension. The spokes are Industry Nine aluminum and the hubs are made in USA with Center Lock rotor mounting and most popular axle and driver/cassette body options.

The standard color is with all black hubs and spokes. Custom colors include Silver, Blue, Red, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Lime, or Green hubs and spokes for an upcharge. Enduro XD-15 Hybrid Ceramic bearings are also available for an upcharge.

Wheel models in the TRA line include the top-end ULCX240 Carbon TRA, which combines a Reynolds UL240 carbon rim with Industry Nine hubs and spokes. The wheels weight 1,325 grams and retail for $2,300.

The next model is the ULCX235 TRA in 700c or 650b. The wheels include the UL235 rim, which has a 23.5 millimeter internal width. It retails for $1225 in either diameter.

The TRA line is rounded out by the AR25 TRA wheelset, with a rim with a 21.5mm internal width, designed for tires from 25-50mm. It retails for $1,225.

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