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Terrene releases Johnny 5 fat tire

Published September 20, 2018

BOZEMAN, Mont. (BRAIN) — Terrene Tires has introduced the Johnny 5, an extreme soft conditions tire.

The Johnny 5 is a 5-inch wide large-paddle tire created to float well and give the most traction possible on soft surfaces. 

The Johnny 5 tread pattern includes scoops for traction and braking in all zones of use: center, transition, and cornering. It also has 320 pockets for ice studs. 

"With Terrene's proven experience designing and building top performing tires, the addition of Johnny 5 helps to round out their fat tire line with the burly float and traction platform that fat tire riders have been asking for from the beginning," the company said.

Johnny 5 will be available in October in both non-studded and studded versions, for $140 and $260, with additional stud packs available separately.

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