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Lezyne adds Komoot and Relive compatibility to its GPS platform

Published May 7, 2020

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (BRAIN) — Lezyne is updating its GPS devices to include integration with the Komoot adventure-planning platform and Relive, an activity sharing platform. Lezyne devices already have third-party compatibility with Strava, TrainingPeaks and Today's Plan.

"We are very excited to team up with Komoot and Relive," says Dillon Clapp, Lezyne's worldwide marketing manager. "Both brands offer such a fun, interactive community, and we know our GPS users will be thrilled to have these additional features added to our GPS platform."

Komoot boasts over 10 million users and offers interfaces for planning and navigating routes around the world. When a Lezyne and Komoot account are connected, routes created with Komoot can be wirelessly sent to a Lezyne GPS device through the Lezyne Ally phone app. Once transferred, turn-by-turn directions are available, along with a navigation trail overlay on the map screen on compatible devices.

"Komoot is excited to partner with Lezyne to provide world-leading routing and navigation across Lezyne's range of GPS devices," says Ben Thompson, Komoot's director of business.

Relive features a community of over seven million members, who can share their adventures using storytelling, animated 3D videos and more. Now activities recorded using a Lezyne GPS device and uploaded to Lezyne's GPS Ally phone app or GPS Root website can be shared seamlessly with Relive, either automatically or manually.

Relive's co-founder, Joris van Kruijssen, explains, "We are thrilled to welcome Lezyne users to the Relive community with this new partnership, enabling more people around the world to share their outdoor adventures like nothing else!"

Activating these new features with Lezyne's GPS platform is free, but does require a quick update to the Lezyne GPS device and its smartphone app.

Komoot and Relive each offer free versions of their platforms, with upgrade options to unlock further comprehensive and interactive features.

The Lezyne firmware update contains other improvements to the user experience, including changes to its navigation systems that reroutes users much quicker when they go off course on exceptionally long  point-to-point type routes.

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