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Elite Cycling releases water bottles made of biodegradeable plastic

Published May 9, 2020

FONTANIVA, Italy (BRAIN) — Elite Cycling's new JET water bottles are made with a biodegrable plastic material treated with a special additive that lowers the time it takes for the bottle to decompose when entering the regular industrial composting cycles.

Thanks to this additive, the microorganisms responsible for the biodegradation of materials attack the polymeric chain of the plastic, thus significantly reducing the time it takes for the bottle to degrade, according to Elite. It takes from three months to five years for the bottles to degrade, versus 100 years of more for most bottles.  

The Jet bottles include the same Elite cap design that comes with Elite's Fly bottle model. "The soft, odorless and tasteless push-pull nozzle ensures abundant and easy liquid flow, which is key for competitive purposes; as it's very easy to open and close in the midst of a race. The cap is quick to unscrew (ideal for easier cleaning and/or refills) and has a snap-fit safety opening to dampen any accidental collision should it come into contact with wheels," the company said. 

Available in three sizes (550, 750 and 950 ml) and four colors. More information at

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