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PWR Bike's new Dually features all-wheel drive, traction control

Published February 2, 2021

LEXINGTON, S.C. (BRAIN) — E-mobility company PWR Bike released its first e-bike. The Dually is a fat-tire bike that will retail for $2,999.

The Dually uses dual 500W hub drive motors for all-wheel drive performance with the benefits of traction control. The drive system automatically diverts power to the tire with more grip to increase traction and control on loose and steep terrain.

A throttle-assist e-bike, the Dually has power assist up to 28 mph, with a range up to 45 miles. It allows the needed boost to help get you over that steep hill, through soft terrain, or anytime you need an assist.

A digital display shows operating information and allows for adjustment of power assist boost level. The display can show speed, distance travelled, real-time motor power indicator, movement indicator, miles, and normal or large digit display mode.

The Dually also features regenerative braking power. When the brakes engage, the motor cuts power and begins to charge the battery, increasing the battery efficiency and range.

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