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GU Energy Labs launches new energy drink mix flavor: Strawberry Hibiscus

Published March 9, 2021

BERKELEY, Calif. (BRAIN) — GU Energy Labs has launched the new caffeine-free Strawberry Hibiscus flavor into its ROCTANE Energy Drink Mix lineup.

GU said its testing shows avoiding flavor fatigue is as important as avoiding physical fatigue.

"Consuming only one type of food or drink for many hours while training or racing can lead to flavor fatigue or worse, a loss of appetite and decreased desire to fuel," said Magda Boulet, GU's SVP Innovation, Research & Development. "By mixing different flavors and form factors, including liquids and solids, you stand a better chance of maintaining your desire to fuel and keep moving. We believe that the Strawberry Hibiscus ROCTANE Drink is another great option for athletes to add variety to their fueling plans."

Strawberry Hibiscus is the fifth flavor in the ROCTANE Energy Drink Mix line and the second non-caffeinated option, joining Grape. As with the other four flavors, Strawberry Hibiscus is available in a 12-serving canister (MSRP $30), 24-serving canister (MSRP $45) and a box of 10 individual serving packets (MSRP $32.50). 

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