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Wolf Tooth adds B-RAD TekLite Roll-Top bags in two sizes

Published May 3, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS (BRAIN) — Wolf Tooth is adding to its B-Rad on-bike storage system with two roll-top bags made with lightweight TekLite material.

The B-RAD TekLite Roll-Top Bag follows the same profile as the original B-RAD Roll-Top Bag but uses the new TekLite material, which is made with layers of strong, durable, and lightweight fibers. The bags can be attached under a saddle, strapped to a frame, secured in a bottle cage, or mounted onto any B-RAD Base.

The bags are available in 1.0 litre and 0.6 litre sizes. They include a silicone-backed strap with hook-and-loop closure. The bags can be mounted directly to any tube on a bike with just the strap. With the Mounting Plate, they can be mounted to any B-RAD base. The bases attach to waterbottle cage bosses or other accessory attachments.

MSRP Pricing:

  • 0.6L TekLite bag and strap: $39.95
  • 0.6L TekLite bag, strap, and mounting plate: $44.95
  • 1L TekLite bag and strap: $44.95
  • 1L TekLite bag, strap, and mounting plate: $49.95

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